The FA, St George's Park Westfield

We have visited two St George's Park sites in Sheffield on behalf of our client Pulse Fitness. At the St Georges Park Graves site we carried out both photography and a virtual tour of the site, and then at St Georges Park Westfield we captured aerial photographs and video with the drone along with stills back on the ground.

With St Georges Park Graves site being a large site, Pulse didn't want people to have to navigate all through the tour to get from one side to the other. For this we built in some custom buttons along with the branding, which opens up a floor map of the building, as well as being able to jump straight to the pitches.

The drone was perfect for viewing the large premises at St Georges Park Westfield, as it really gives you a sense of the placement of the pitches, and the large car park, which is a great selling point for the venue. There are plans for expansion at this particular location, so the footage from the air will be beneficial during the development process.

Once we'd completed the drone flight, we worked our way around the venue capturing all of the stills that they required. The various aspects we captured both on the ground and in the air will be used by both St George's Park and Pulse to showcase the building and it's facilities to their full potential.

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