Stafford Borough Council

Stafford has seen a lot of development, in both the commercial and residential sector. Stafford Borough Council asked us to visit the areas that had been developed in order to document the construction. Firstly, we visited the Riverside development, a new commercial area with the "good shops" and a decent selection of restaurants. We chose a nice bright day in order to get the best photos. Our first task was to capture the area when it's busy, and include willing shoppers in lifestyle photographs. We then revisited when it was dark in order to capture the buildings all lit up. Next on the list was the residential development, there has been a lot of houses built in Stafford, and until now the Council had no imagery for them! We went along and met a young couple to photograph them outside of their newly built home. Once we'd edited all the images, we were able to provide the Council with a large high quality image gallery that has since been used on a wide range of marketing material, including a development brochure. This brochure is being used as one way of encouraging further development of the area, and it's our images that highlight the current development in order to inspire this. Most recently, we had the pleasure of being able to capture Victoria Park in Stafford in all it's glory with our drone!

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