Council Tax Photoshoot

These images are from a photoshoot we carried out for Stafford County Council. We were asked to provide a gallery of images that could be used for multiple purposes, including the annual council tax leaflet. First off, we met with the refuse collection team to photograph them whilst they worked. The emphasis on this part of the shoot was to highlight that the lorry has two different sections for rubbish, showing that the recycling is separate. With this in mind we made sure we thoroughly photographed the lorry so there would be plenty of shots to choose from.

The second half of the photoshoot was with the “Street Scene” employees. As they had been made aware that we were heading over, they had all chosen a job role for the photographs. We worked our way around, with a creative input into which shots would work best, despite it being an "ok" day for British weather, we chose to use flash to help the images pop, and isolate the employees from the background. I think this is the first time we've ever looked forward to seeing the Council Tax leaflet, but seeing our photographs in use will never get old!

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