January 26, 2015 sovisual

Toy Fair 2015.

Given my background as a graphic designer/photographer in the toy industry, we always take the time out to visit Toy Fair. There are two reasons for this, admittedly one of them is the fact that it’s a good day out, and a good chance to stay up to date with new product releases. The other reason is to promote our services to manufacturers and distributors. Since Toy Fair 2014, we invested a sizeable chunk of money into a fully automated 360º photography turntable. It’s a great piece of kit, compatible with all of our camera gear and lighting, and it can hold up to 100kg… …Yes we have created 360º spins of ourselves! We decided prior to the event, that rather than promote all of our services, we would target 360º product photography at Toy Fair, as it is perfectly suited to toys and similar products, and really is a great way of boosting online sales.

I really enjoyed Toy Fair this year, personally I am a bit of a geek, so my favourite stands are anything that involves superheroes, cars, figurines and r/c stuff. One thing I noticed from the show, is how much of a comeback Micro Scooters have made. I personally thought they’d had their day, but they seem to be back in abundance, as a foot in the door for kids when it comes to extreme-ish sports. I was also taken back by the level of competition in the flying r/c category, it felt like every stand was selling something that flew! I must say though, I definitely want a micro quad copter!

My favourite stand was probably the Titan Merchandise stand, there is definitely something cool about seeing a wide variety of collectibles all together in a display stand. From Breaking Bad to The Beatles, there was some cool vinyl figures on display.

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