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The Importance of High Quality Product Imagery.

Do you have a website from which you sell, or provide information on your products/services?

Then take a second to think about the fundamentals of your website. It is primarily there to showcase your business to as wide an audience as possible, and it’s your opportunity to stand out from the competition, quite easily!

Say for example you’re on the high street, you see a clean, well lit, modern store selling what you require. Across the street there is a dated looking shop selling the same product, but you can’t really see the products in their window as they’re poorly lit. Realistically, which one are you going to visit? I’d guess unless there was a major price difference, you’re going to visit the shop that appeals to you the most as a consumer. Now take that thought, and think back to your website, one of the first places potential clients will visit. The process is the same, the value of your business, products, and even customer service are perceived by potential customers as they peruse your website. If the images of your products are a bad representation due to poor lighting, limited photography equipment and bad editing, the client will see that bad representation, and you may never get the chance to prove to them that your products are actually fantastic.

At SO Visual, we quite often see large scale companies, with brilliant products that when you hold them or view them first hand, are truly worth every penny, no doubt. Upon visiting the website of said company, you’re greeted by low resolution renderings of the products, very few images, or at best, poor quality photographs that really don’t reflect the products in the best possible way. When a consumer cannot hold or view your products first hand, it is your responsibility to ensure the visual representations of the product are of the best quality possible. If a clean, seamless product image with a 100% white background is what you were looking to achieve, then a dimly lit product with an unflattering grey background isn’t going to cut it. To get the job done properly, the product should be shot in such a manner that it is an accurate representation, so that means it must be lit properly, shown at it’s best angle(s), and it should be edited in such a manner that the final image looks as much like the actual product as possible! The background should also be lit in order to get the 100% white backdrop that will take away any distractions from the product itself. It’s not an exact science, and more often than not, a product shoot will involve a different lighting setup than the shoot before it, and a bit of experimentation in order to get the best shots possible.

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Once the shots of that particular product are done, providing they’re done properly, that’s it. You’ve now got high quality images that back up your products, showing your pride in them, and hopefully provide you with increased sales. The potential return on the investment in professional product photography is huge!

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