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What are 360 degree Virtual Tours?

Virtual tours are rapidly becoming the go-to way of presenting a premises on the internet. A wide angle 360 degree view is captured at several hotspots throughout the property, and stitched into a fully interactive navigational tour. At any one of those hotspots, a simple click and drag of the mouse allows the end user to view all angles of the property, and an easy to use interface allows them to tour the whole premises for as long as they want! Whilst static images can encapsulate a certain area of a premises pretty well, and a walkthrough video can (briefly) show the majority of the premises, nothing can compete with a virtual tour in terms of the amount of detail your clients can see before they even visit. There is no need to keep trying to pause a video at the right point, or flick through a selection of images to try and get a mental map of the building. With an interactive tour, you get just that, a fully interactive 360º view tour of a building that your clients can view from your website with ease.

How will 360 degree tours benefit my business?

There are many scenarios in which a 360 degree tour can be used, let’s say you’re an estate agent, and you’ve got a potential client who lives a considerable distance from a property they are interested in. They can see the images on your website, but they can’t really get a feel for the property from just images, and as such, the “wow factor” doesn’t win them over. Now Imagine the same scenario, but add a virtual tour alongside the imagery, and now the same client can navigate through the property at their leisure, from the comfort of their own (current) home. Such clients may have a list of several properties, but because your property has an interactive 360 tour, you win them over, without having to do anything! Our 360 degree virtual tours provide your business with increased exposure, not to mention the edge on the ever growing competition. The tours aren’t just aimed at estate agents though, they are perfect for hotel companies, shopping centres, leisure centres and anywhere else that a client would appreciate seeing before they visit.

What is the cost/turnaround time?

Our pricing is based on the size of the property, as we quote on a “per hotspot” basis. For clients with several properties, we offer a discounted rate for multiple tours. In terms of turnaround, as an example, a tour of an average sized 3 bedroom house would typically take 1-2 hours to shoot, and the rest of the process is completed back at our studio. We supply you with a finished file to give to your web developer, allowing them to embed the tour into your website. As well as a Virtual Tour, we can also quote for photography of the premises (completed on the same visit), and creating a custom theme for the tour interface, that includes your logo for example. Our tours can be tailored for every budget. For a no obligation quote, or more information, please don’t hesitate to contact us using the form below! Please be sure to give as much detail as possible, to allow us to quote precisely.

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