The Pulse Group

The Pulse Group are a Cheshire based company that operates worldwide within the fitness industry. Not only do they manufacture a wide range of gym and fitness equipment, they also design and build the venues themselves! It's a real pleasure working with such a successful company, and being able to see the amazing places that they've worked on and kitted out. 

With a typical job from Pulse, we receive a brief and location for the shoot. We chat with our client, sometimes just over email in order to establish exactly what they require. In some cases we'll meet them on location, but on occasion (like flying to Aberdeen and back in a day) we venture out on our own.

A video we shot on our drone at GO Active @ The Arc in Chesterfield.

Dependant on the particular job, as well as stills, we have also completed virtual tours and drone flights, in which we've captured stills and video for Pulse. Most importantly, we listen to the client and for every shoot we make sure we carry out the most appropriate work to showcase the high quality of the work and products that Pulse have supplied.

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