December 15, 2014 sovisual

Pet photography based weekends.

As a big lover of dogs, I have always been interested in dog photography, initially I completed a few studio shoots for friends, but the results were always quite similar to the last shots, and I knew the best solution would be to get out and about. Taking the 70-200mm F2.8 lens out with me when walking my dog, I inevitably ended up getting some shots that I was pretty pleased with. There is one shot that stands out for me, taken on a very dreary Sunday, aptly named “splashy walk”. I took Rosie for a walk over the fields, the day after a heavy downpour, and noticed she was really enjoying splashing though the puddles. An hour later, having lay on my waterproof jacket, I came away with a shot that is (currently) on around 37000 views on 500px and entered into Dog Photographer Of The Year.

Pet photography, dog

Slowly but surely getting into on location dog shoots, I was desperate for a lens that was aimed at that sort of thing. The issue was that I need to think about the business when buying a new lens, as the lens would then quickly pay for itself. In the past few months we have shot an increasing number of events, so I had found my excuse! As per my last blog post I purchased the Canon 135mm F2L lens, perfect for event photography in terms of SO Visual’s needs, yet equally as brilliant for portraits! I have already used the lens to shoot an event, with great results and feedback from the client. I have also had a lot of use out of the lens at weekends, some of the results are below! This lens is spot on for on location shoots, out and about with the dogs posed for photos at F2 the sharpness is ridiculous. I have my camera set to quickly switch from One Shot (for focussing on still subjects) to Servo mode (for tracking moving subjects), so if the dogs are running around I can be sure to get some (still extremely sharp) shots.

Pet photography

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