October 7, 2015 sovisual

On Location Commercial Photography

In the whole time we’ve been in business, one of our favourite tasks is on location commercial photography. We’ve met some brilliant people from all over the country, and been to some really interesting places. Such places include the archives of Manchester Library, The Mary Rose Museum in Portsmouth and numerous exciting events. Different locations pose a different challenge when it comes to our photography, and that’s what we enjoy the most.

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Premises photography

We always liaise with clients before we visit a new location for a shoot, to make sure we’re all on the right track. With all the excitement of being in an interesting place we need to be 100% focussed on the task at hand. With our wide range of photography equipment, we’ve never been in a position where we don’t have the kit required. We have 2 professional digital SLR cameras at our disposal, and we keep our kit up to date to ensure that the images produced are of the optimum quality. In certain locations low light levels could be an issue, but the technology in professional cameras these days, means such issues are minimised.

On Location Photography Staffordshire West Midlands

Being so close to the train station means we can simply jump on a train to most locations, but we’re more than happy to drive to anywhere in the UK if needs be. We’re yet to be commissioned for an overseas photoshoot, but we’ve got our fingers crossed!

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Product photography on location for Allett Mowers

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