February 18, 2014 sovisual

We’re live! – First post

With 2013 done, we’ve got plenty of ideas and targets to hit for 2014. One of which was a complete redesign of the website! Keeping on trend we’ve gone with a one page parallax site. The new site is much more suited to our work, and allows us to easily keep our portfolio up to date, and showcase our projects in a cool format. We’ve decided to drop the dark look that the old website used to have, although hints of our old colour scheme are still in place on the new site. It’s been a steep learning curve getting this new website up and running, but all worth while now that it’s (nearly) complete!

Having a built in blog is a big bonus for us, especially as we often go out with our cameras in our spare time, so the blog gives us somewhere to share them!

Also new for 2014 is our 360 virtual tour service. This is in the final stages, and we’ll be offering this very soon.

Right, that’ll do…First post done, blog is no longer empty.