Working nationwide with Planned Office Interiors

Planned Office Interiors are commercial interiors specialists who provide full workplace design, fit-out and refurbishment services and office furniture. They complete projects for companies all over the UK, and each new job differs from the last, as different clients have different requirements, and different buildings have different characteristics to work with. Because of this, when POI undergo work for their clients, they need to document it, in order to show prospective clients the type of things they've worked on in the past. Without high quality imagery, they can't do this in a professional manner. This is where we come in.

Happy to travel anywhere in the UK and beyond (one day, hopefully), we're on hand to venture out on behalf of POI to photograph their builds. This can be just as they've ripped out an office space for a refurbishment, during the build itself, or upon completion of the works. Sometimes we photograph every important stage of the process, which provides Planned Office Interiors with a timeline style gallery that shows how much work goes into one of their projects. We've worked with Planned Office Interiors for a while now, and as such, they have built up an image gallery that they can show to clients during meetings, display on their website and social media accounts, use for their fleet livery and anything else they require to boost their presence and gain clients.

This image was taken on our first visit to a POI project, just after the old office space had been stripped ready for renovation.

We revisited the office once the dividing walls were added that would later become the separate offices.

This was taken on our last visit to the office, as you can see, the final result is fantastic.

We really have been all over the country on these projects, the first shoot we did was in Stafford, but we've since been to Bristol, Newport, Crewe, Gloucester, Stone, Leamington Spa, Sevenoaks, Brockenhurst, Tunbridge Wells, Oxted, Ruthin, Anwick, Welshpool and Sale! In the time we've worked with POI, we've utilised all of our services to ensure that we capture each project in the best way possible. We take a wide range of lenses with us to each job, from wide angle for full room shots, to zoom lenses for the all important details. For exterior work, including extensions, we take the drone along with us to capture the build from the best angles. When we really want to give a feel for the layout of the building, we carry out a virtual tour.

If you're looking for high quality imagery, taken both from the ground and the sky, get in touch. We're more than happy to have a chat to see if we can help you and your business!