April 25, 2014 sovisual

Busy Times!

360 photography, product, commercial, graphic, design, So it turns out changing the website was a good idea! We have been inundated with work so far this year to the point where we couldn’t even get the website finished. Sam is currently adding our work to the projects section, and has noticed we’ve made little use of our blog so far. Not to mention completely neglecting the Facebook, Instagram and Twitter pages, although Twitter is about as much use as a sky hook. Work wise we’ve been very graphic design based for the last month, working on leaflets, flyers, mouse mats, pens, website artwork, adbugs… The list goes on, and that’s just for one client! We’ve made good use of the camera gear still though, HH solutions came back to us for some more photography of their office chairs, and were keen to be kept in the loop about our 360º turntable that we have recently purchased. We’ve also visited a local PR Company to take some corporate headshots which was a laugh. The gents were an in and out job, “that’ll do” was pretty much the reaction from the blokes, whereas the women were a bit more of a challenge! We’re almost at the point where we’ve got the time to get the 360 photography all sorted and examples on the website, so it’s exciting times here!

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